• “Love your voice so much! Imagine is gorgeous and End of the World is one of my favorite songs!”…”Quite lovely and soothing.”

  • “Love your voice, Ruth.”

  • “Your music is a reminder of what’s good in our world–love it”…”Congratulations Ruth, the back story provided for the release of ‘Inspired by’ is deeply sad and moving. I am thrilled to hear that you have now made your music available for all of us. A visit to Amazon is my next stop”…”Ruth, your music has reached our home here in, Australia. Your renditions of these timeless classics are a pure delight. My all time favourite song is Imagine, and your cover version adds beauty to a meaningful track. My favourite on your album is ‘The End Of The World’ followed by ‘Words’. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.”

  • “Well worth the wait for this wonderful follow up album to the original ‘As I Breathe.’ Congratulations.”

  • “I loved your cover of The Rose Ruth, and the other ones as well! Again I say… beautiful voice!”

  • “I listened to the snippets of several songs and they were all so wonderful – you have a quite haunting quality to your voice which I adore – I decided it was easier to download the whole album.”




Daniel O’Donnell, Sunday World, Dublin, Ireland: “As I Breathe is a beautiful, haunting new album from singer songwriter Ruth Nina Welsh…it’s a real gem. Her styles are a mixture of blues, ballads, folk, country and up-tempo. It’s a completely acoustic based album – just the voice, guitar and piano captivating the listener. With this presentation the listener experiences the true beauty of her voice and the real depth of her songwriting.” (Full review here)


Mike Bernard, Mater Hospital Radio, DUBLIN:  As I Breathe is the debut album from singer/songwriter Ruth Nina Welsh. All 14 tracks were written by Ruth who has a beautiful voice with a purity of tone that I have rarely heard. It is an acoustic album with instrumental accompaniment supplied by Ruth herself on guitar or piano. The simplicity of the accompaniments enhances the haunting and romantic vocals and because the lyrics of the songs are inspired by actual life experiences of Ruth herself and people she has come into contact with, most listeners will be able to associate some of the songs with events in their own lives. My own favourite track is ‘Like I do’, a love song expressing the wish to hold on to a lover being tempted to stray. Ruth has a voice that I could listen to for hours and never get bored.” (Interview with Mike at Mater Hospital Radio – click here)


Michael Allison, is an associate writer for the music industry e-journal MusicDish: “The competition in the world of acoustic music is very fierce. Then again, competition isn’t what it’s about. It’s about real music, real feeling, and the powerful feeling created from the honest bonding of soul and instrument. Ruth Nina Welsh delivers that explosive power with every word. RNW has a songwriting talent that is outdone only by her beautiful vocals. The album As I Breathe is one extraordinary work of art. This all-acoustic album is a bare-bones work of brilliance. Ruth uses only the acoustic guitar, the piano, and her voice to create the lavish landscapes of beauty on this album. This is music with feeling that is created from life experiences. It just doesn’t come any more honest than that. The simple fact is, this album is amazing. Amazing in every meaning of the word. I’ve never felt more alive after listening to an artist. I’ve never felt more close to someone’s soul by listening to their music. Ruth Nina Welsh is truly an amazing singer/songwriter. As I Breathe is one album that everyone must have. There isn’t a more inspirational and thought provoking album out there. It’s just that simple.”


Mollie, Yorkshire: “Before I listened to As I Breathe my life was worthless. I have suffered greatly over the past few years. Your music touched me and gave me hope that there is someone else in this cruel world who understands me. You have saved me from the depths of despair. Thank you, Ruth. Your moving lyrics and haunting melodies have inspired me to write my own songs. Perhaps I will send you a tape of my recordings. I really feel as though you would understand them, even though they are intensely personal to me. Forever indebted, Mollie.”


Terry Pendred, Peterborough, England: “Relax, close your eyes and listen.”


Anne Cairns, Northamptonshire, England: “To Ruth – The master lyricist of haunting words and melodies. Thanks for the CD. I really do love it, and was very impressed with your ability as a songwriter and lyricist. I loved the music and the rhythm of the words – sometimes unexpected! But what really touched my heart was “Deprived”. I could believe this song was about me, and I expect everyone who heard it could relate to it. Maybe, because it is so special to you, it comes through the song and the listener can feel the emotion. It is a beautiful, haunting song. Keep up the good work – and well done for keeping it ‘simple’ – acoustic! Another of my favourite things. Take care and best wishes.”


Eduardo Costa, Associated Manager of Arthur, The Portal Art Community in Internet, Buenos Aires, Argentina: “All the songs by Ruth talk about love: poetry in her words and sweet and tender voice. I like the CD As I Breathe, especially the song “In the light of faith” where she shows the most beautiful feelings as a human being. Other songs, such as “Take some time”, have a well constructed melody. “Only with you” a deep good love song, and “Pale moonlight” a little jewel of melody itself. As I Breathe paints how Ruth Nina Welsh is, a good singer and composer who puts her heart into all her songs. I love her. Thanks.”


Sarah Maxwell, Kinsale, Ireland: “Her music is absolutely fabulous!!! The whole CD is brilliant, and I really enjoy listening to it.”


Les Ellis, London: “The song, “Pale Moonlight” – it’s always hard to comment on other people’s music but I must say that is one of the deepest, most meaningful and most beautiful songs I have heard in a long time. The voice is hauntingly classical, and the song – while basic (please don’t take that the wrong way, it’s not meant as a bad comment) – really tugs at the heart strings. Beautiful – just beautiful – it’s all I can say.”